S. G. Alpenland

August 2018
By Anny Mueller

Hi everyone:

We just had another successful picnic at a brand new location at Centre du Sablon, Laval.
Many thanks to Karl-Heinz for creating a lovely Youtube video. Click here.

On another note... Club History Update

In the summer of 2002 we had our club's 50th Anniversary celebration at which time we wrote a short history of our club from 1952 through 2002 inclusively (first 9 pages). Well, time has marched on and we are 16 years later.
After celebrating our 50th Jägerball, I put together a little continued history of our club from 2002 until now (last 2 pages). Click on this link and enjoy!

Jägerball - Saturday February 3, 2018
By Anny Mueller

Wow, what an unforgettable Jägerball. All you saw were smiles in the hall in the Chateau Royal, Laval. See photos here!

  · Almost 500 people were in attendance, some from as far away as Austin, Texas and Penticton, BC.

· 6 Visiting Schuhplattlervereine (60 people) came with their club flags: Maple Leaf Almrausch - Ottawa (ON), Almrausch - Poughkeepsie (NY), Almrausch - Philadelphia (PA), Auerhahn - Oley (PA), Alpenrose - Lancaster (PA), Alt-Washingtonia - Washington (DC).

· SG Alpenland - Montreal had 55 active members in attendance which included 8 teens and 13 children under 13.

· Merit pins were presented to 3 long standing active members: Walter Lefort received the Ehrenkünstler pin for his many years of service with his art work and painted canvas wall hangings. Stefan Hiris received the Ehrenarchivar pin for his many years of service for documenting our events with his photography, history lessons, photoshop work, etc. Lastly, Wolfgang Kinkelin received the Ehrenvorstand pin for his years of leadership and guidance since Mrs. Ann Bauer gave up the reins.

· The new and improved Krohnentanz was performed with the crown on a rolling stand and a battery pack (no more orange extension cord on the floor to trip over, yay!).

· Karl Bauer, our Vorplattler, did a great job at the programming and ensuring the parade of flags and anthems ran smoothly.

· The band, the Wanderers, did a great job and kept everyone entertained between performances with a good mix of all types of dance music.

Congratulations to Karl Bauer and Kat Petratou on your engagement!

Upcoming Oktoberfests and 50th Jaegerball GRAND GALA BANQUET

By Anny Mueller
August 21, 2017

After attending the 26th Gaufest in Buffalo in July and more recently in August hosting another successful Alpenfest, we are gearing up for the Oktoberfest season. As of now, we are scheduled to perform at 3 Oktoberfest locations: Saturday February 3, 2018 - GRAND GALA BANQUET

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we have been busy organizing our 50th Jaegerball. Le Château Royal at 3500 du Souvenir in Laval is booked, out-of-town Schuhplattler clubs have been contacted and many have responded favourably. Our ticket vouchers are ready for purchase at $75 per adult for a 4 course meal including beer and wine all evening. (Reduced adolescent and child tickets are available.) Group tables of 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 are available, groups less than 8 will be seated with other guests. The Wanderers will be playing with their full band including brass.
View flyer           order tickets online

We are hoping to see many of our supporters at these events, the 50th Jaegerball will be memorable for many years to come.

Oktoberfest season 2016

By Anny Mueller
September 16, 2016

Hello everyone: Here we are once again in the Oktoberfest season.

Every year at this time, Oktoberfest celebrations not only occur in Munich but in many cities and towns throughout the world. Our Montreal Schuhplattler group usually performs at several of these Oktoberfests. Similarly, our sister clubs throughout North America perform at their Oktoberfests and we would like to wish them much success.

Our 3-day marathon at the Oktoberfest de Repentigny went well. We had great weather, our members enjoyed the beer and food as well as the various kiosks and amusement rides. Our end of the deal included 15 shows by both the children's group and the adult group plus quite a few audience participation numbers. Those are always great fun.

Many thanks to Beau's Brewery for complimentary beers to our club members who were dressed in Tracht.

Coming up later this month and next, we will be performing at three Oktoberfest fundraisers: the Alexander Von Humboldt school in Baie D'urfé, the Karnak Shriners and the Moncton Boys and Girls club. Tickets for these worthwhile fundraisers are still available so let me know if you are interested.


By Anny Mueller
April 2013

Every once in a while, we discover something through social media, in this case , that is worth passing on. Our friend Martha found this 'Cool' young group of Bavarian boys that are great. Check them out.

home page
interview in German
VoxxClub flash mob


Festival Oktoberfest des Québecois

By Anny Mueller
September 2012

Grüß Gott:

Our club just finished a 3 day marathon at the Oktoberfest des Québecois in Répentigny. The adult group as well as the children performed 13 shows with a variety of dances including a few with audience participation. It was obvious the people enjoyed the performances when you looked into the crowd and saw clapping and everyone smiling.

Our shows took place in the large Vieux-Munich tent. In the same venue a band from Bavaria, D’Talbach-Buam played authentic German music such as polkas, waltzes and a few contemporary rock numbers. They even performed a men only Schuhplattler number to the Ambuss polka. Their musicial skills were outstanding and as dancers, our group was very impressed with the quality of their Schuhplattling with their crisp hits, their Hochsprungs and their general enthusiasm.

The D’Talbach-Buam, Peter Franzke, Markus Kalal, Christian Pertl, Simon Pertl and Max Pfaffinger (five out of their usual six), from the Chiemsee area south east of Munich, were flown in for this Oktoberfest by the Fest organizers together with the Quebec Bavarian Representative. We found them very Sympatisch (likeable), they were always smiling and friendly. During breaks we chatted and got to know each other.

This was the 7th year for this Oktoberfest des Québecois event and our club danced at each of them. Up to now the weather has been quite nice with little rain. This past weekend, it was nice Friday but Saturday brought heavy wind and thunder showers. By evening the skies cleared and Sunday was sunny. The attendance was down this year but all those that were there enjoyed themselves very much.


Kirkland Multicultural Festival

By Graham Hughes
June 2012

23. Gaufest, Orlando, Florida

By Kathy Tolnai Firtl
July 2011

In June 2011, many members S.G. Alpenland drove and flew down to Orlando to join the Gauverband Nordamerika in participating in the 23. Gaufest. Although we did not compete, we did perform an Ehrentaenz and participate in many meetings and workshops.

The Gaufest was hosted by S.T.V. Maiglöckchen from Daytona Beach. They are a very small club and we are all very appreciative that they took on this task.

The Gaufest officially started on Thursday with Registration. The Gau library, Volksmusik Zimmer, Practice room as well as the Vendor rooms were all open on Thursday as well. The evening ended with a Welcome Dance in the main hall. It was really nice to reconnect with so many friends that are scattered around both the US and Canada.

On Friday morning, many of our friends participated in the “Adult Einzelplattln”. We were there to cheer then on and we are very happy to announce that our friends from Ottawa, Ritchie and Brenda Nairne won first place in their age group. Congratulations to you both. Friday afternoon also saw many other activities: Children’s activities, Schofkopt tournament, Fahnentraegers Meeting, Vorstand and Vorplattler meetings as well as a Brass study group. There were also many workshops: Dance, Elk horn carving, games from Germany and studying in Europe. The evening brought us back to the main ballroom for a Heimatabend. It was a little hard for us to get together as we were really scattered across the hotel and never did bump into any of our own group. When we travel by bus together, it is a lot easier to make a plan of action for the events. But as always, we all do the best we can and enjoy the moments.

On Saturday, was the Gruppen Preisplattlen as well as the Kinder Einzelplattln. Once again we were there to cheer on our friends who participated. There were some shocking results as they have changed the way of scoring for the Gruppen Preisplattlen from negative to positive and some clubs that are always in the top 5 did not make it this year. Through the day there were also kids’ activities, accordion and button box study group as well as maintenance and repair. In the evening, we headed for the main ballroom for the banquet. We were a little shocked to see that we had been seated in the very final row of the hall. It did have its advantages, such as very fast food service, lots of room to dance and for the kids to run around, but we had responded very early and should have been a lot closer to the dance floor.

Next came the parade of flags. Once again we were at the end of this parade as the host club misplaced our paperwork. We found out later that we were not the only ones to have items misplaced. Karl and James did a wonderful job and really made sure everyone could see our flags. Unfortunately, there was a serious error in the order protocol of the national anthem and Canada was played before the German anthem. It should have been played right before the American anthem, but there was nothing we could do about it. Roxanna tried to approach the Gau Chairperson to point out the error, but she was not interested and the same error was committed the next day at the picnic. Our club has decided to send a motion into the secretary of the Gauverband for the next delegates meeting.

The meal at the banquet was delicious, with carrot and raisin salad, Schwiener Schnitzel with Spaetzle and brown gravy as well as braised red cabbage.

Before the floor was opened up to dancing, there was a Jugend Massenplattler. Everyone of the kids from our group in attendance got a partner and was on that dance floor. They did a wonderful job and we are all very proud of them. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing and Ehrentaenz. We were not on the Ehrentaenz list either because it was part of our paperwork that they lost. We got ourselves penciled in for the last performance on Sunday.

The banquet ended at 12:00AM and then many of us headed down to the 12:01 club this year being hosted by STV Bavaria to promote 24. Gaufest which will be held at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio in June of 2013. There was plenty of good food, beer and music. Everyone had a great time.

On Sunday, we dragged ourselves out of bed and then we were off once more to the Sunday picnic. After the opening of the event, there was a wonderful buffet lunch which was much enjoyed by all. The afternoon concluded with the awarding of the Meistpreis: UGH from Oakford PA with 88 people, Weitpreis: Enzian Schuhplattler from Seattle with 3139 miles and the Gruppenpreisplattln: 1st STV Bavaria, Cleveland; 2nd Gemuetlichen Enzianer, Maspeth, NY; 3rd GTEV Maple Leaf Almrausch, Ottawa.

We left the Picnic at around 4PM and met up with Alt Washingtonia in the hall for our by annual party celebrating the Birthdays of our founders Mrs. Anne Bauer and Mr. Dave Rosenberg on July 2nd. We exchange gifts and drink a toast (this year we sampled Cherry Pie and Apple Pie liquor from Alt Washingtonia and maple whiskey from Montreal) and just dance and chat with our oldest friends. It is always a very heartwarming event.

We then retired to our rooms for some supper and to get ready for the farewell Pirate Party. We had some good looking pirates in our gang, but once again got shut out from the scavenger hunt because of misplaced paperwork. But as always, we make the best of it and do it for the fun of it. It was an enjoyable evening.

All in all it was a fun weekend spent with our Alpenland Schuhplattler family as well as with all the distant Schuhplattler cousins from all around.

Kirkland Cultural Day

By Kathy Tolnai Firtl
June 2011

This year the city of Kirkland celebrated its 50th anniversary. To change things up a bit, they decided to hold a “Cultural Day” the day after their annual Kirkland Day festivities. We normally perform for the city on Kirkland Day, but instead we were asked to participate in the Cultural Day events. We normally get our tent from the city for our Alpenfest event that day, but they were going to be using it, so we had to cancel Alpenfest for this year.

We set up a booth to sell food and Jaegermeister right outside the main tent. We were in competition with a few other countries such as China, India and Italy, but our homemade sausages in a bun with sauerkraut were a hit with many first timers as well as our own patrons.

Our adult and kindergruppe performed for a very appreciative audience in the afternoon. It is good to not only for us to see and get to know people from the other cultural clubs that performed that day, but also for them to get know us as well. It also gives our patrons a chance to see something new for a change.

All in all it was a gorgeous day. The weather was wonderful, the people where happy, the food was amazing, the shows were awesome and everyone just had a very enjoyable day. And, as always, we did our very best to showcase our German heritage.

German Choir Spring Dance 2011
April 2011

The German Choir of Montreal, gracing the city for over 50 years with their repertoire of German songs, has invited the public to a concert on the 2nd of April, in the church of “Our Lady of Fatima” in Saint-Laurent.

In addition to the guests of honour, Mayor Alan DeSousa and his wife, the traditional Bavarian folk dance (Schuhplattler) group Alpenland performed in front of 120 enthusiastic people, giving them an idea of Bavaria’s typical ambiance. The Edelweiß-Trio delighted the public with their variety of songs, from Walzer to Rock’n’Roll, even “Anton aus Tirol” got everyone dancing. The evening ended around midnight with a raffle.

Click for the original press release

Click for the State of Bavaria Quebec Office website

Click for more Choir Spring Dance 2011 pictures

Jaegerball 2011

By Roxanna Emilia Bauer
February 2011

Schuhplattlergruppe Alpenland Montreal’s 43rd Jaegerball was held at the usual venue, TMR’s Town Hall, 90 Roosevelt Avenue, on Saturday, February 5th. The group opened the doors at 6:30 pm to a steady flow of guests. Most were familiar faces, dedicated to attend the event each and every year; they practically waltzed in greeting group members and friends on the way in, already revelling in the accumulated nostalgia of past years and anticipating the evening’s memories to be made.

Meals and drinks were served as the Wanderers started to play their repertoire for the evening complete with waltzes, polkas, tangos and rock’n’roll, allowing our guests to enjoy the ethnic sausage, sauerkraut and imported beer while twirling and jiving on the dance floor. Alpenland opened the ball with the traditional welcome-dance of Jaegerball: the Kronentanz, in which the dancers, holding hoops of greenery, weave and create patterns to an upbeat march, the crown figure being the highlight of the dance when the hall goes dark to allow the lighted hoops to dazzle the audience. Another highlight always eagerly anticipated, is the children’s group which is comprised of 16 children ranging in age from 2 to 15 years. It’s always a pleasure to see proud parents and trachtlers encouraging the youngsters and enjoying the show.

Visiting Schuhplattler groups this year were Germania Almrausch Pooghkeepsie, NY, who performed the Reit im Winkl with Alpenland Montreal’s Vorplattler Karl Bauer, Auerhahn Schuhplattlerverein Oley, PA, Alpenlandtanzer, New Britain Connecticut, and Erech Morrison of Maple Leaf Almrausch Ottawa, who played accordion to accompany Oley and Connecticut’s joint performance of the Ameseer.

Throughout the night, there were occasional interruptions of balloons popping from the overhead decorations that were received with cheers. Well-dressed children ran amuck, dodging dancing feet and hurried servers. The dancers were able to take a break for the announcement of raffle and door prizes at midnight. After they were claimed, the band continued with some more hits to end the night. Some guests rounded up the young and old to brave the snow-storm that had begun once everyone was safely inside the hall. Others danced until the very end as celebrations continued with the younger members of each Schuhplattler verein sitting around a table singing songs and playing games.

Although not as big a turnout as in previous years, those in attendance seemed to be jovial and carefree. Whether they were getting rosy-cheeked from their appreciation of Jaegermeister shots or St. Luc’s draught beer, getting out of breath from their inclination to dance as much as possible, or simply soaking in the smiles and energy of the evening through observance, most everyone was enjoying the laid back flow of the night. There seemed to be no worries as everyone took great pleasure in Jaegerball 2011.

Click for more Jaegerball 2011 pictures

Kirkland Pub Night

By Kathy Tolnai Firtl
January 2011

On January 25th, 2011, members of S.G. Alpenland attended Pub night at the Kirkland Sports complex hosted by the city of Kirkland in honour of the city’s 50th Anniversary.

Attending were; Kathy, Gene (initiating the city reps to Jaeger and working the machine), Stefan, Micheline, Marge, Fred, Roxanna, Kat, Karl, Johanne and Anny.

Entrance was $5 and included was a plate of finger food and a drink. Kathy has to look into the size of the fingers of the Kirkland residents as the plate consisted of 3 large pieces of Italian pizza, 5 wings and a bowl of chilli. It was definitely enough for a meal.

Large screens were put up in order to watch the Canadien host the Philadelphia Flyers. Although it started out OK, we were outplayed by Philly very quickly. We soon realized that every time Marge looked away from the screen, someone scored. At first it was always Philly and we were determined not to let Marge look away. But one time when she looked away, the Canadians scored, so we were then determined not to let her watch the game so the Canadien would have a chance to catch up. Sadly, no matter what we did, the Canadien played poorly. We finally came to the conclusion that Marge has no special powers over hockey and we decided to blame the Canadien.

All in all, it was a very nice evening with great company. Thanks to all of you for coming out.

Alight at Night 2010

By Kathy Tolnai Firtl
December 2010

On December 29th, 2010, a group of brave Schuhplattlers and guests braved the cold and left the Firtl residence at 4PM. Destination, Upper Canada Village. The Firtls have been regular visitors to this winter wonderland, but this is the second time for the Alpenland Crew. In attendance we had: 4 Firtls, 4 Gagnés, 2 Dilans, 1 Mueller, 2 Schusters, 4 Feldes, 1 Wuertle as well as two of their friends.

Luckily, this year was milder than the last and no one was in fear of loosing any fingers to frostbite. Unfortunately, this also brought out a larger that normal crowd and we had to wait in line at the entrance as well as at the Harvest Barn Restaurant. Even though it took a little while, the chat in line as well as the mild weather made it fun and a good part of the evening.

I must say that every year turns out to be a bit different. Sometimes there is carolling in the church, the tavern was open for business, the bakery produced their quota for the day and once again, there were many more lights than last year. Some of the buildings, like the fort, have always been dark, but they now have basic white lights and I am sure will turn more and more colourful as the years go by.

The walk through the village was fun, but we all had to avoid the hidden gifts left behind by the horse drawn carriages. Chrysler Hall once again had their Gingerbread house display as well as the return of the musical light show that débuted last year. It’s hard not to get drawn into Trans Siberian Orchestras “Carol of the bells”. What a finale.

When our walk was over, some of us brave souls decided to try out the brand new Train to Chrysler beach. Finally, a train that is not made for midgets! Those who chose not to ride for fear of being cramped will know better for next year.

All in all, it was a beautiful evening and we look forward to visiting again next year!

Alpenland Christmas Party

By Linda Tolnai
December 2010

Plaza St-Hubert Christmas Parade

By Linda Tolnai
November 2010

On Friday November 26th, 2010, the members of S.G. Alpenland participated in the annual Christmas parade on St-Hubert Street. We played jingles bells with our cow bells. Despite the cold weather, we had a joyous time!

Oktoberfest des Québécois

By Anny Mueller
September 2010

Fun on the farm!

By Kathy Tolnai Firtl
September 2010

On Monday September 6th, 2010, the members of S.G. Alpenland were invited to spend a day on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schueppel in Ste-Agnes-de –Dundee.

The weather in town was sunny as we all left for the day, but by the time we got there, the clouds had rolled in. Although it was overcast all afternoon, the rain stayed away until we left for the day.

The Schueppels have a lovely farm and their son Andrew, owns the farm next door. Everyone gathered for lunch provided by the Schueppels. The kids were happy to see hot dogs and hamburgers as well as fries on the menu. Once everyone was stuffed, Andrew and his son Hunter invited us all down to the garage to play with the “toys”. They offered us the use of their ATV’s and dune buggies. They kids (young and older) enjoyed doing laps around the barn as well as treks into the fields.

Once we were all worn out, we returned to the house were Mr. Schueppel had built us a dance floor. We were all very happy to get up and dance for our hosts and their friends. We even had Hunter up on the dance floor. He did very well.

We then prepared dinner for our hosts. We had brought along sausages and sauerkraut, as well as salads and dessert. They sky started getting darker, so after we all ate, we started packing up to return to the city. Mrs. Schueppel very generously gave us cucumbers, squash as well as eggs to take home and share.

We were sad to go, but we had a wonderful time and thank the whole Schueppel family for their very generous invitation and for such a wonderful and memorable day.

Alpenfest 2010

By Roxanna Emilia Bauer
June 2010

On June 20th, 2010, Alpenland Montreal put on their 2nd Alpenfest picnic under a big white tent. In previous years the picnic was held in Lachute, but when the location was lost to Alpenland they moved the event to Ecclestone Chalet located in Kirkland. Given the good fortune that Kirkland puts on a ‘Kirkland Day’ party at the Parc des Benevoles (which was held the night before), Alpenland was offered the chance to entertain under the festive tent, which inevitably changed the mood from that of a picnic, to an Alpenfest!

The atmosphere under the tent was indeed festive with the Edelweiss Trio playing their eclectic repertoire of softer waltzes, faster polkas as well as old-time rock’n’roll. After having enjoyed a typical Bavarian meal of sausage, sauerkraut and potato salad (it seemed the plates weren’t being made fast enough), followed by homemade cakes and strudels, those who came to the Alpenfest sang and danced the afternoon away. They also enjoyed the German beer Bittburger, or a local draft from the St. Luc brewery; there was also wine to be had and of course the Jaegermeister machine kept their shots cold and inviting.

The weather could not have been better, despite the storms in Montreal and surrounding areas, Kirkland was graced with a warm sun and a soft breeze.

The kids’ games started inside the tent to engage even the shy ones and were brought outside to the soccer field by a colourful conga line. Once outside, the kids ran around trying to catch dragon tails and then got wet trying to “ever so carefully” toss water balloons. After the kids were tired out, they were sent happily back to their parents with a new toy.

Alpenland put on their dance show at 3:30pm. The adult group led off and the much anticipated children’s group quickly followed. Because of the small raised stage and the larger dance floor beneath, the adult group was divided into two groups and occupied both platforms, making the show busier and all the more entertaining with Plattlers and Dirndls high and low, resonating stamps and juchses throughout the tent.

The afternoon ended with raffle prizes being called and distributed to lucky winners, and the wonderful Edelweiss Trio sending everyone home happily for Father’s Day to the strains of “Auf Wiedersehen”.

17. Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest

By Johanne Mueller
June 5th, 2010

The 17th Annual Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest was co-hosted by Germania Almrausch and Germania of Poughkeepsie (NY) this year, and the S. G. Alpenland Montreal Kindergruppe supported this event for the first time. The Montreal mini dancers won the weitpreiz for being the group who travelled the farthest to participate in this year’s Kinderfest. Those Montreal minis that enjoyed the event were: Adrianna, Caroline, Julie, Kathrine, Lance, Meaghan and Sofia.

Each “Kind” received a card giving them the opportunity to win coupons, redeemable for prizes, at each game that was organized, a scavenger hunt list in which S.G. Alpenland was included in the list of individuals/items to find, a “Kinder” meal ticket and a gift bag containing treats including a hand-made pin to commemorate the event.

The Kindergruppe participated in an organized parade, a Kinderfest group picture and a Massenplattler in addition to the Ehrentänze that each Kindergruppe performed. With such a busy schedule, there was still plenty of time for free play in the kiddie park where our little ones mingled with other children from the other groups in attendance.

The weather was hot and sticky but an occasional breeze brought some much appreciated relief and a large tent provided plenty of shade and seating room. Luckily the rain held off until after the Kinderfest was over.

This event was definitely a success and will hopefully become a MUST on our list of annual events to attend. Next year the Kinderfest will be held in New Jersey, hopefully we will be able to squeeze it in along with the much anticipated Gaufest in Orlando!

Jaegerball 2010 "Roll Out the Barrels"

By Roxanna Emilia Bauer
February 2010

Schuhplattlergruppe Alpenland Montreal’s 42nd annual Jaegerball was held on February 6th, 2010 at its regular location, the Town of Mount Royal Town Hall, 90 Roosevelt Avenue. Guests were welcomed at the door as of 6pm, greeted by smiles and given a blue fabric pin to commemorate the event.

The hall was decorated with scenes of hunting and dancing in the traditional Bavarian style to set the atmosphere. To embellish it further, music by The Wanderers filled the hall as of 7:30pm. Meals of sausage or leberkase with sauerkraut and potato salad were enjoyed before indulging in St. Luc beer (a Quebec micro-brewery), wine and schnapps, mostly Jaegermeister, appropriately, and Apfelkorn.

The attendance this year was not too packed for discomfort but nor was it scarce. Many seats were sold at the door and those who were there made their presences known with much cheering and dancing. There were many new faces as well, first-time attendees who intend on becoming regulars for this event and its likes put on by Alpenland Montreal. First-timer Leah Quimby expressed her impressions on the evening and described its atmosphere and reception:

“It was more fun than a barrel of polkas. It was everything the name connotates; there was Jaeger, there was dancing, …there were Bavarians having a ball. Everybody was so friendly and I could tell that the people who go often were happy to invite newcomers to enjoy the fun. The hall looked great and I wish the band would come play for me while I eat breakfast. (…)

I was impressed with Alpenland’s Cronentanz. It was really fun to see them dancing in their full glory. I hope to come back next year having learned all the drinking songs.”

After her short interview, she waltzed off humming the tune of “Rosamunde”.

Alpenland Montreal performed their ‘Cronentanz’ as the trademark dance for the ball. Their following set included three dances, two of which were performed for the first time. The ‘Sternpolka’ was taught to them by their sister-verein’s Vorplattler Anton von Stoffen at the last Gaufest in Toledo Ohio in August. With the help of other videos, Alpenland shared their rendition of the dance for the first time this Jaegerball. The second dance was the embellishment of an older one, the ‘Birkenstoaner’. The amusement of the dancers was emitted through waves of energy carrying the warmth of their smiles and the vibes of their concentration as well as the sounds of their yuchses. The last dance was the ‘Schnucklewaltzer’, a crowd pleaser for innumerable years because of its flirtatious undertones.

The Jaegerball was also graced by the representation of visiting groups, GTV Germania Almrausch Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Alpenrose Schuhplattlers Lancaster, P.A. and SGTV Maple-Leaf Almrausch Ottawa, who entertained a dance set of their own, joined for one dance, the Tiroler Bauerntanz, by Alpenland’s Vorplattler Karl J. Bauer and first and second Vortanzerinen Roxanna E. Bauer and Katerina Petratou. Germania Almrausch member and honorary Alpenland member Pamela Salchli Capelli from Austin, Texas, who visits Montreal every year for this event, also joined them. Alpenland sincerely thanks these groups and their long-time friends for coming to support them and join in on the merriment they are happy to share.

As well as sharing merriment, there were wonderful door prizes and raffle prizes to be given. Random shouts and cheers sprang up in the hall whenever someone’s number was picked. The grand prize was a 400$ bountiful food basket, won by Deborah Emedy, a former dancer with Alpenland Montreal and still a supporter.

As the band played its last set for the evening, slowly, people reached for their coats to be on their ways to leave the hall. Remnants of their joyous energies kept the dancers dancing and the singers singing to the very end. After the hall was undecorated, and the lights were turned off, memories of dancing and singing and the swirl of colours filled the memories and dreams of those gone home throughout the city of Montreal.

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